Wednesday, 1 June 2011

MAC Flighty Collection

Just to let you all know, the MAC Flighty collection is now available on the MAC website and I presume it'll be available in-store from tomorrow. If you didn't know this already, new MAC collections are available in-store on the first Thursday of every month, meaning the MAC Fashion Flower collection will be available in-store on the 7th of July... YAY!

The MAC Flighty collection consists of 16 big bounce shadows and they are £13.50 each. Here are the big bounce shadow names:
  • The Cool Elite
  • Good Fortune
  • Trophy
  • Impeccably Rich
  • Up The Ante!
  • Reward Yourself
  • Free As Air
  • Spread The Wealth
  • Extra Charged
  • Sizzlin' Diva
  • Rich Thrills
  • Luxury Touch
  • Count Your Assets
  • My Next Indulgence
  • Rich, Sweet
  • Black Diamond
To look at photographs of the MAC Flighty collection then click on this link; MAC Collections

The MAC Flighty collection also includes 4 MAC coloured Zoom Lash mascaras and a MAC 242 shader brush. Here are the names of the mascaras:
  • High Esteem 
  • Blue Charge
  • Plum Reserve
  • Green Is Green

Judging from the promo image you'd expect this collection to be great but I'm somewhat disappointed. Yes MAC have created 16 new shadows and they all look superly lovely but judging from the amount of negative online reviews, I don't think I'll be purchasing any of the big bounce shadows. The big bounce shadows are water resistant and are supposedly meant to last from hours but I've read online reviews that show this not to be the case. One review stated that the big bounce shadow had creased after 20 minutes of applying it, another review stated that the big bounce shadow had completely worn off after an hour.

I'm not in the habit of buying rubbishy products, especially expensive rubbishy products. If the big bounce shadows retailed at around £7.00 each then maybe I'd consider trying one.

If anyone decides to try out one of the big bounce eyeshadows then please comment below and tell me your views, I'd love to hear them! :D

Hope this post has been helpful!


  1. this actually made me go to the MAC site and look, pahaa! i wish they'd bring out like a REALLY REALLY good collection, not just rubbishy ones here and there.

  2. I'm sad that this was a disappointment for you. MAC collections seem to be a hit or miss anymore.

  3. Dollybirdx - I wish they would too, MAC needs to bring out bigger and better collections! :D it's like the MAC Jeanius collection, that has to be the smallest and naffest collection ever! :P xx

    Kimberly - I totally agree, I'd say more miss than hit. :( xx


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