Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation

On a recent shopping trip with my mamma, I decided to buy the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. I had previously tried a sample of the skin foundation and found that I really liked it, I have to say that I thought it was better than my Nars Sheer Glow! Whilst at the Bobbi Brown counter my mum thought she'd try the creamy concealer kit, the lady was really lovely and even gave my mum a sample of the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation. My mamma has very dry skin and she finds it hard to find the perfect foundation, the lady told my mum that the moisture rich foundation would be the best one for her because it was specifically designed for those who suffer with dry skin.

My mamma tried out the foundation yesterday and here's what she thought....
"I have very dry skin and have struggled for years to find a foundation that does not settle into my skin and into the dryer areas of my face, for example, my forehead especially in between my eyebrows, on my cheeks and on my nose. I have been using Chanel Vita Lumiere in the shade 10 Limpede and this has been fine, but I wanted to try other brands too. I don’t normally wear foundation in the summer, I just use concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes I might have, but on Tuesday when Cole and I went shopping I was trying out the new Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer and chatting to the sales assistant and she asked me which foundation I used and if I wanted to try one of their foundations, I said yes please and she gave me some in a little pot to try. She matched my skin tone and I was given the shade Warm Ivory in the Moisture Rich foundation for dry skin.
I decided I would try the foundation on Friday and applied it at around 8 o’clock in the morning, I used a Louise Young foundation brush to apply the foundation and then smoothed over some areas with my fingers. The foundation had a nice consistency and was easy to apply, however when applying I noticed it had rather a strong smell and the smell wasn’t the nicest of smells, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t hideous and didn’t make me gag but it was rather unpleasant and I can only describe it as a wall paper paste type smell.
Throughout the day I could smell the foundation all the time and it really put me off, I kept saying to Cole that I could smell it and asked her if she could smell it on me but she couldn’t.  I had an appointment at the hospital at 2.40pm and left the house at 2.10pm and returned at around 3.15pm, by the time I had returned the foundation had oxidised on my skin and looked terrible, it had also settled into all the dry areas of skin. I checked my skin at around 1.30 and it was fine then so I would say it lasted just over 5 hours before it started to turn and look a mess.
Before I applied the foundation I had used my regular skin care routine, which I use twice a day, morning and night time. I use Clarins One Step Cleanser, Clarins Hydra Quench Intensive Serum, Clarins Hydra Quench Rich Cream and Clarins Eye Balm.
I wouldn’t buy this foundation again even if it hadn’t oxidised or settled into the dry areas because the smell was so over bearing and drove me mad, I could smell it all day and it was very off putting, the foundation is around £27 and for that price I don’t want to smell like a product from B&Q! Maybe it’s my skin and it looks amazing on other people but I had a very bad experience with the foundation and shall be sticking with my Chanel for now."

Have any of you tried the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation? If so comment below and tell me your views. 


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  1. Great!
    I've been trying to find good foundation!
    Thanks you're the best!


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