Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy Birthday To Me! :D

So today it's my birthday and I have to say that I have been spoilt rotten! The house has been decorated with balloons and banners and I received lots of lovely cards and presents :)

I thought I'd share my day with you all. I shall show my lovely balloons, banners and presents! :D

So let's start off with the decorations...

My mamma, sister and step dad bought me this balloon :D

My boyfriend bought me this balloon :)

And my mamma, sister and step dad bought me this balloon too. It was sat on the window ledge but it wouldn't picture well :P

More banners were placed all over our lounge :P

Every year my Mamma decorates the house when someone in our lovely family has a birthday :D 

And now for my lovely prezzies...

I should have taken everything out of this box really but I forgot like a silly cole. I basically put all my jewellery into this box, I shall be doing a birthday video so I shall individually show each piece of jewellery :)

I love my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. If you're wondering why I have a polar bear charm, then it's because I LOVE polar bears... I've named him Snowy :)

This has to be the best ring ever. Biscuits on a fab! If you're wondering where it's from then my mamma bought it from Punky Allsorts.

The infamous Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel... It's such a lovely bronzer and I don't think I'll ever throw away the beautiful packaging it came in.

Lots and lots of make-up!... I think my mamma and boyfriend know me well ;)

This Sigma brush kit is amazing! The brushes are superly soft and they all have coral handles! :D

My boyfriend bought me this :D He bought it off the Sigma website and paid $38.00 just to make sure it would be here in time for my birthday... that's what you call love ;) I cannot wait to use it!

This perfume is gorgeous, it smells divine and the bottle is beautiful. It's the kinda perfume you couldn't get tired of looking at.

My polar bear hat!....YAY! This is definitely going to be worn in winter, especially on the mornings when I have to be in uni for 9 o'clock!... early morning = COLDNESS!

The best converse ever. They are officially... JAZZY! :) I think I'll be wearing these 24/7, they are amazing :)

My mamma bought me this, isn't it lovely? :) I shall definitely be placing this notebook and pen in my bag :)

I also received a Boots gift voucher, a one day make-up course and also lots of pennies! :D I really have had a brill birthday and I have to say that I'm such a lucky girly!

Thank you so much to my beautiful mamma, sister, step dad and boyfriend, you have made my day so so special! I'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone else who kindly bought me a card and a present, it's so so lovely of you all :) <3 

Thanks again to my lovely family, you mean the world to me and more! :)

I shall be doing a birthday video tomorrow so I'll fully show each of my presents and things! :D Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Omg, wow what fabulous presents you got! Those converse are a gorgeous colour! I'm guessing they'll be featured in your birthday haul outfit? :)

  2. Happy Birthday to our gorgeous girl, you are very very welcome, we love you more than words can say and you are worth everything and more, love you aoss, Mamma and Simon <3 xxxxxxxx

  3. Happy birthday to you! :) You got lovely presents! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Cole! Your presents look amazing, you are very lucky!! Hope you've had an fab day. xox

  5. Happy Birthday :)
    Your presents look fab and you sound like you had a good day xo

  6. Happy birthday :)
    You got some awesome pressies xx

  7. Happy Birthday!! you got a lot of lovely presents! xx

  8. Happy Birthday again :)
    And oh my your so lucky, very jealous x

  9. Happy birthday! and great presents!


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