Monday, 18 July 2011

MAC Green & Blue Palette

I have three different MAC eyeshadow palettes and I'll be doing separate posts on each of them. I have a green & blue palette, a pink & purple palette and a neutral palette.

I have already done a post about my pink & purple palette so today I thought I'd write about my green & blue palette.

Here's my green & blue MAC palette...

Top Row (from left to right); Lucky Green, Steamy, Humid, Greensmoke.
Bottom Row (from left to right); Tilt, Electric Eel, Freshwater, Deep Truth.

Here is a list of the eyeshadows featured in the palette. I'll explain what finish they all have and also provide descriptions.
'Lucky Green' - Frosted Midtone Lime (Veluxe Pearl)
'Steamy' - Bluish-Green With Gold Pearl (Frost)
'Humid' - Intense Green With Shimmer (Frost)
'Greensmoke' - Tarnished Olive (Lustre)
'Tilt' - Violet With Blue-Green Pearl (Frost)
'Electric Eel' - Bright Blue With Shimmer (Satin)
'Freshwater' - Bright Summer Blue (Veluxe Pearl)
'Deep Truth' - True Dark Blue (Frost)

The MAC eyeshadow refills retail at £9.50 each and can be purchased from any MAC counter or free standing MAC store. MAC eyeshadows are available in both refill pans and also single eyeshadows, the single MAC eyeshadows retail at £11.50 each. 

So now it's time for the swatches...

From left to right; Lucky Green, Steamy, Humid, Greensmoke.

From left to right; Tilt, Electric Eel, Freshwater, Deep Truth.

My favourite eyeshadows in this palette have to be 'Electric Eel', 'Lucky Green' and 'Steamy'. If you were looking to buy any green or blue toned MAC eyeshadows then these are the eyeshadows that I would highly recommend.
They are probably the most interesting colours in the palette and they all have a brilliant texture. With regards to pigmentation, they have the same pigmentation as the other eyeshadows.

I purely like 'Lucky Green' and 'Steamy' because they are the most intriguing and I like 'Electric Eel' because the colour is so intense. The other eyeshadows are also fab but these have to be my favourite.

For those who prefer to watch a video then here is a video about my green & blue MAC palette. More details and recommendations are included in the video...

Thanks for watching! If you have any comments or requests then please feel free to comment below! :)

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