Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Nail Art Supplies

I recently purchased some new nail art supplies from Viva La Nails. Due to previously ordering from the website it meant I got 10% off my order. I ordered a few more nail art paints, a few glitters, and some more nail art brushes. Today I also purchased a few packs of rhinestones from my local craft shop.

Here are my new glitters...

Silver glitter...

Pink glitter...

Lilac glitter...

These glitters are superly sparkly and I cannot wait to feature them in a future nail tutorial. I think a simple but effective design could be created using these. The glitters retail at £1.95 each and are available in 14 different colours. 

Here are my new nail paints...

From left to right; Lilac, Primary Blue, King's Blue

I already have nail paints in a wide variety of colours but I thought I'd order a couple of blue ones as I do not own any. I also ordered a lilac nail paint because it's such a lovely colour. The nail paints retail at £2.95 each and are available in 28 different colours.

Here's my collection of acrylic nail paints...

I also ordered a few more nail art brushes because I felt that I needed more thin tipped brushes, for precision and accuracy. 

This pack of brushes retail at £4.99 which isn't too bad considering they are excellent quality and are used by professionals. 

Whilst on a mission for bright blue ribbon, I noticed that my local craft shop sold packs of rhinestones, I picked up a pack of pearl, silver and pink.

I think these are great for using on nails as they are the perfect size and easy to apply. The pink and silver rhinestones are also incredibly shiny! However, £1.69 is a little expensive. 

Thanks for reading! :D If any of you have any nail tutorial requests then feel free to comment below :)


  1. Those glitters look gorgeous! Can't wait to see what looks you create with them! :) xx

  2. That glitter looks so much fun! cant wait to see what you do with it!


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