Sunday, 31 July 2011

Do these float your boat?!

Recently I came across a new beauty invention, lip tattoos. At first I thought they were pretty odd and completely dismissed the idea of ever trying them but a few weeks have passed and more lip tattoos have been created and I can't help but think...'what if they looked awesome'. Do I dear to wear or do I leave the £10.00 lip tattoos all safe and sound on the Selfridges website.

The lip tattoos were created by a brand called Violent Lips and if you have never heard of this brand before, you need to check them out. FUNKY is definitely the word.

The lip tattoos retail between £10.00-£12.00 depending on where you buy them from and you get 3 lip tattoos per pack so in effect it costs around £3.33 every time you wear a pair, pretty expensive don't you think?

The lip tattoos are available in over 50 designs meaning there is something for everyone.

Here are the weird yet wonderful lip tattoos...

Animal Collection:

Colourful Collection:

Flag Collection:

Glitteratti Collection:

Pink Collection:

Red Collection:

I honestly think these are amazing, they are so different and unique and I think they would be great for a party.

I think they're a great concept and I can see many people wanting to try them but for £12.00, are they really worth it? I could buy a lipstick for £12.00 that would last months on end, not 3 times.

Nevertheless, they are amazing and I probably will end up buying a pack. I will probably wear them whilst shopping to see what reactions I get from other people ;)

So the question is, do these float your boat? Comment below and tell me what you all think :D


  1. I think they're fab! obviously not an everyday wear (unless like you said to see what reactions you get) but for a special night out, a party or fancy dress i think they'd look awesome! definitely stand out. only niggles would be ... do they stay on well? (drinking ... kissing ... ) of a bit wore off it'd look a bit funny and you cant just touch up like with a lipstick. think im going to have to browse for some reviews :)
    let us all know if you try them :) xxx

  2. These are brill!!

    Helen, X

  3. These are a really interesting concept!

  4. I think they look really cool, I bought a pack by the same company as nail rocks, I think they were called, unsuprisingly, lip rocks, to wear for my birthday. I tried applying them about ten times and I just couldn't get them to work! If anyone has had some success, please let me know as I'd love to try them again!


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