Wednesday, 6 July 2011

John Frieda 'Sheer Blonde' Colour Renew

So some of you may be thinking 'why are you using a product intended for blonde hair?' and I don't blame you for wondering that but I recently found out that the John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew shampoo helps to get rid of unwanted 'brassy' colours in your hair.

Last year I dyed my hair purple and now I'm wanting to get my hair back to it's original colour, luckily the colour faded a lot and with the help of Colour B4 I've now got remotely normal hair. When I used Colour B4 it did remove pretty much all of the purple tones in my hair however it left my hair looking somewhat orange.. not good. So now I'm left with a mixture of orange/brown toned hair, hopefully the colour renew will work it's wonders and help my hair to look even better!

The shampoo itself is purple which I found really odd but the reason why it's purple is so that it can balance out the tones within your hair. 

Here's the shampoo...

A swatch...

I love the colour of the shampoo, it's really really funky but the only downfall is that it smells quite unpleasant! I'd honestly say that it smells like dog shampoo, so if you're planning on using this shampoo then make sure you use a nice smelling hairspray afterwards.

I used the shampoo today and I can't say I've noticed any differences in my hair, it still looks the same as it did yesterday but I guess these things take time. When I've reached the end of the bottle I shall be doing an overall review.

I have to say that the shampoo did in fact make my hair pretty shiny which is a good thing, I just hope it doesn't go greasy. I also found that the ends of my hair look and feel a lot drier than they usually do, I don't know if this is because it's gradually removing colour from my hair but it doesn't look pleasant. I think I'll use a conditioner when I use this shampoo in future.

I've got pretty mixed feelings about this shampoo and I'm hoping that I grow to love it because I'm fed up of using a million and one different products.
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  1. Dated concept, but why not try their colour mousse if they still do it? It's by john Freda still and its the same thing but a styling mousse. I used it when I took my hair from dark brown back to blonde and it really helped. It's not a permanent fix though, but might help you till you get where you want to be with your hair? Mel xxxx

  2. I used to use that shampoo for my blonde hair and it didn't really make much difference. The schwarzkopf touch of silver shampoo is stronger and should give you much better results xo

  3. Dog shampoo, no thanks! lol great review¬

  4. john freida had the brilliant brunette line that ive been using and its soo lovely! they also made a blonde and red hair color version of it, so i dunno if they still carry that in stores.


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