Sunday, 3 July 2011

MAC Seasonally Supreme Collection

In March, MAC launched a collection of Sheen Supreme lipsticks, they seemed to be a massive hit amongst all MAC lovers and I'm pleased to inform you all that later in the year MAC will be launching more of the sheen supreme lipsticks. I'm not sure if the current sheen supreme lipsticks will be discontinued once the new sheen supreme lipsticks are launched so it may be worth stocking up on your favourite colour.

I'm not sure when the new sheen supreme lipsticks will be launched but once I know I'll let you all know. I presume that they be launched in September/October as that's when all the other new MAC collections will be launched.

The Seasonally Supreme collection consists of 12 sheen supreme lipsticks, 3 of which are re-promotes. The lipsticks retail at £15.50 each and will be made permanent.

Lipstick Colours:

  • Tea Ceremony - Pink Beige (Cream)
  • Sheer Mandarin - Yellow Orange (Cream)
  • Blossom Culture - Soft Pink (Frost)
  • Korean Candy - Orange-Red (Cream)
  • Supreme Style - Light Coral Pink (Frost)
  • Fashion City - Coral Pink (Cream)
  • Happy Hibiscus - White Pink (Cream)
  • Royal Azalea - Bright Pink (Cream)
  • Asian Flower - Lavender (Cream)
  • Insanely It - Watermelon Pink (Cream) (Re-promote)
  • Bare Again - Beige (Cream) (Re-promote)
  • Supremely Confident - Nude (Cream) (Re-promote)

I love the look of all of these lipsticks, especially the pink ones! Which sheen supreme lipsticks do you like? 



  1. So strange! I have a scheduled post for this to be posted tomorrow when I am at school haha :) They're quite similar, so don't think I'm copying you, had it written yesterday :) Great post though! Really looking forward to the collection, the pink-y colours look gorgeous! xxx

  2. i NEED the second one in on the left.

  3. I NEED the second one in from the left.

  4. Hannah - Don't worry lovely! I wouldn't have thought you were copying me at all! :) I've seen these posts floating around quite a lot :) The pink shades are fab! :D xxx

    Eleanor - It's SUCH a nice colour isn't it! I bet it's lovely! xxx

  5. Supremely Confident looks really nice! looking forward to this collection:)

  6. All of these colours look amazing!xx


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