Friday, 15 July 2011

MAC Pink & Purple Palette

I have 3 different MAC palettes and I'll be doing separate posts on each of my MAC palettes. I have a pink/purple palette, a green/blue palette and a neutral palette.

The first palette I'm going to be talking about is my pink & purple MAC palette. Here it is...

Here is a list of the eyeshadows featured in the palette. I'll explain what finish they all have and also provide descriptions.
'Beauty Marked' - Black-Red With Sparkle Pearl (Velvet)
'Sketch' - Burgundy With Red Shimmer (Velvet)
'Nocturnelle' - Pinked Up Chrome Purple (Frost)
'Hepcat' - Jazzy Little Deep Blue-Wine (Frost)
'Satellite Dreams' - Deep Plum With Pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
'Stars 'n' Rockets' - Purple With Pink Pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
'Creme De Violet' - Pink Violet With Gold Pearl (Frost)
'Cranberry' - Red-Plum With Pink Shimmer (Frost)
'Swish' - Bright Pink With Icy Shimmer (Frost)
'Pink Freeze' - Bright Pink With Icy Pearl (Frost)

The MAC eyeshadow refills retail at £9.50 each and can be purchased from any MAC counter or free standing MAC store. MAC eyeshadows are available in both refill pans and also single eyeshadows, the single MAC eyeshadows retail at £11.50 each.

It's time for the lovely swatches...

Top Row:
From left to right; Satellite Dreams, Hepcat, Nocturnelle, Sketch, Beauty Marked

Bottom Row:
From left to right; Stars 'n' Rockets, Creme De Violet, Cranberry, Swish, Pink Freeze.

I think my favourite eyeshadows in this palette have to be, 'Pink Freeze', 'Swish', 'Stars 'n' Rockets' and 'Nocturnelle'. If you were looking to buy any purple/pink toned MAC eyeshadows then these are the eyeshadows that I would highly recommend. 
They are probably the most pigmented eyeshadows out of all of them and I also find that these eyeshadows have a more intense colour.
So now I'm going to tell you why I love these certain eyeshadows....
-'Pink Freeze' is lovely for using on the inner corner of the eye, not only will it make your eyes appear a lot brighter, it's also a lovely eyeshadow to pair with other pink toned eyeshadows. 'Pink Freeze' would also make a fab highlighter, it'd look lovely on the brow bone.
-'Swish' has such a lovely texture, it's soft, applies well and I find that it's really blend-able. It's a lovely rose colour and looks fab when worn with 'Pink Freeze'. 
-'Stars 'n' Rockets' has to be in my top 10 favourite MAC eyeshadows of all time, and the main reason why it's in my top 10 is because it's a Duochrome eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is pink but it does have an undertone of blue/purple meaning you can pair this eyeshadow with either blue or pink toned eyeshadows.
-'Nocturnelle' is a lovely eyeshadow and I think it would be great for using in the outer corner of the eye. 

For those who prefer to watch a video then here is my video about my pink & purple MAC palette...

Thanks for watching! If you have any comments then feel free to comment below! :D

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  1. Hi Cole! Your review is REALLY helpful, coz I made the same mistake with the Beauty Marked eye shadow as you did - i bought it thinking it was purple and now i wanted to see somebody's comment about the Nocturnelle, and now i see - it's the one i need!:) thank you!! And good luck!!


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