Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sleek Curacao i-Divine Palette

The Sleek Curacao i-Divine palette is part of the new Sleek Caribbean collection. The Sleek Caribbean collection includes 'Aruba' blush, 'Bonaire' pout polish and of course the infamous 'Curacao' palette. The Curacao palette is probably the brightest, most fun palette that I've ever come across and to be honest, I think I'll be a bit scared about wearing half of the eyeshadows, they're insanely bright!

The Sleek Curacao i-Divine palette consists of 12 brightly coloured eyeshadows. The eyeshadows either have a matte or a frost texture which is good for those who like wearing different textured eyeshadows. The palette retails at £6.49, meaning each eyeshadow is worth around 54p! How brill is that!

If you're a little colour shy then I'd say that this palette probably isn't for you as the eyeshadows are very very bright. If you're looking for something more neutral then I'd suggest buying the Sleek Storm i-Divine palette instead.

Here's the Sleek Curacao i-Divine palette...

I absolutely love the packaging, there is definitely a 'Caribbean' theme going on. I think the use of colours also fits in well with the colourful eyeshadows.

I think it's good how the palette name is written on the front of the palette as it's handy for those who do not keep the boxes. If you're looking for a specific Sleek palette then you'll know which one you want by looking at the palette. I know some of the Sleek palettes do not have the palette name written on them which is really quite silly. 

I think it's great how the eyeshadows all have names. It makes life a whole lot easier when referring back to the palette in future makeup tutorials. I think names give the eyeshadows a bit more character if that makes sense!

It's time for the lovely swatches!...

Row 1:
From left to right; Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Blue Hawaiian, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Green Iguana.

Row 2:
From left to right; Apres Midori, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze, Green Martini, Singapore Sling, Espresso Martini.

Overall I think that the eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and colour intensity, I cannot believe how vibrant they are! I think the matte eyeshadows are less pigmented than the frost eyeshadows but that can be expected with matte eyeshadows. I find that the Sleek eyeshadows last all day, they do not fade, crease or melt away, they stay put until removed with eye makeup remover. 

The eyeshadows aren't powdery or chalky meaning that they will apply well. The frost eyeshadows have a creamy texture too meaning little or no fall out will occur when applying the eyeshadows to the eyelid.

This is a great palette, not only does it contain a variety of eyeshadows, it's also perfect for summer. You could easily create fun, summer looks using this palette and I cannot wait to create some of my own makeup looks using the Curacao palette. 

The Sleek palettes are great value for money and I think you should try at least one of the Sleek palettes, you really wouldn't be disappointed! 

Overall Rating:

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! :)


  1. wow, they are amazing!! <33333 loooove 'em

  2. Brilliant colours, only problem is I'm not brave enough to use 'em. Shame.

    They're really gorgeous.

  3. Looks great, lovely colours x

  4. I bought this and the monaco palette the other week and I LOVE them! Would love to see some looks you create using them! :) xx

  5. Paula - I love the colours too, they really are amazing! :D xx

    Polka Mlle - I'm going to be doing a makeup look with this palette, and i'm going to make it a wearable look so you might want to check that out :D I think simple looks could be created with this palette :D xx

    Miss EBlog - It's such a great palette, what's better is the price :P xx

    ScienceGeek - I think both of the new Sleek palettes are fab! :D They're uberly summery too! :D I'll be posting makeup looks this week! :D xx


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