Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Favourite - Real Techniques Stippling Brush

So today's Friday favourite has to be my Real Techniques stippling brush. At first I had mixed feelings about this brush because when I applied cream blush to my cheeks I ended up looking like I had white stripes down my face. I didn't let this put me off using the brush again, instead I thought I'd use it for applying my foundation.

The Real Techniques stippling brush is absolutely brilliant for applying foundation, not only does this buff in foundation really well, it also gives you a flawless finish. The stippling brush can be used to apply other cream products but I'd only recommend using it for the purpose of applying foundation. 

The Real Techniques stippling brush retails at £9.99 and can be bought from Ulta if you live in the USA and Love-Makeup if you live in the UK. The Real Techniques brushes are also 100% cruelty free as they are made from super taklon bristles.

Here what it looks like...
I'm so thrilled I ended up loving this brush, it's such a brill brush and I use it everyday! I also found that my foundation didn't stain the bristles. There's nothing worse than dirty looking brushes, it really bugs me. 

Overall, I like this brush and it's definitely the best stippling brush I own. I still need to use my Sigma F80 brush so once I've used it I shall do a comparison between the two.

Many thanks for reading!


  1. Ive not got a stippling brush n I really want to try out these brushes, maybe this is a good one to try! Thanks for the review! xx

  2. I have a stippling brush but it isn't as nice or cute as this one is.

  3. oooh the brush looks gorgeous! I am a sucker for pink shiny things. x


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