Wednesday, 22 June 2011


So tonight me and my boyfriend went for a lovely meal at Chilli's, an awesome Indian restaurant. I thought I'd show you all what I wore.

Here's my OOTD...

I actually love palazzo trousers, they are smart enough for wearing to a meal and they are also great for summer. I'll definitely be taking a few pairs on my jolly holidays! 

I think this outfit is perfect for wearing to a meal, especially to a curry house! It's not too casual but it's not too smart.

Where I bought my outfit:
Palazzo Trousers - River Island
Pink Vest - Topshop
White Espadrilles - New Look
Feather Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Pearl Bracelets - Topshop

Here's a close up of my lovely necklace...

I've been wearing this necklace so much lately, it's an ultimate summer necklace that goes with pretty much everything!

I forgot to mention that I'd painted my nails with my new nail varnish too...

One word springs to mind when looking at these.... SHREK! 

Hope you like my OOTD, I'll be featuring my watermelon shorts in my next OOTD so keep a look out!


  1. Lovely outfit! The pink top is such a lovely colour!
    I agree with the "Shrek" nails xx

  2. So I've been going around absolutely sure that Palazzo pants were stupid and clownish and then you turn up and make them look completely adorable! WHY? haha ;)

    Still not sure I could pull them off myself but I'm at least tempted to try a pair on now! xx

  3. I love palazzo pants.. super comfy and stylish!


  4. I need some of those trousers, they're fab!xx


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