Thursday, 9 June 2011

Haul - MAC, Lush, Miss Selfridge...

Today I went shopping and bought some lovely things. I didn't plan on getting much today but that plan kinda failed! I primarily went for MAC brush cleaner and a MAC 15 palette but I ended up buying more than anticipated.
I also went for a fish pedicure with my boyfriend, it was very amusing to say the least. This is possibly because I acted like a massive child. Little fish + sucking Cole's feet = huge giggles!
I had a great day today, it's just a shame I forgot to get a new eyebrow pencil, I also wanted a Glamour magazine but everywhere had sold out.

Anyway, here's what I bought!...

MAC purchases:
MAC brush cleaner - £8.50 - Available at MAC

MAC 15x eyeshadow refill palette - £11.50 - Available at MAC

MAC eyeshadow refill in 'Pink Freeze' - £9.50 - Available at MAC

MAC lipstick in 'Pink Nouveau' - £13.50 - Available at MAC

Lush purchases:
Lush Retread - £8.99 (245g) - Available at Lush

Lush Rehab - £4.75 (100g) - Available at Lush

Lush Mint Julips - £4.75 (25g) - Available at Lush

Jewellery purchases:
Miss Selfridge bird stack ring - £8.50 - Available at Miss Selfridge

Dorothy Perkins watermelon earrings - £6.50 - Available at Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins watermelon necklace - £8.50 - Available at Dorothy Perkins

I hope you liked all of my purchases! I'll be reviewing my purchases at some point this week so keep a look out! 



  1. I popped into mac for the first time today haha!
    Will post it tomorrow, but I WANT EVERTYHING!!!!

  2. Loving the colour of that lipstick.
    I have that brush cleaner and it is good but sometimes it makes my finger tips hurt and go a bit numb where im working through the brushes to get the colour out.
    But for £8.50 and how well it works I think its amazing.

  3. Charli - Ooo can't wait to see your post! :D MAC is amazing, there is just so much stuff! :D x

    Hannah - It's a lovely colour, really into pink lipsticks hehe :D it is good, I know MUFE do one but not sure what it's like. It's so strange how it makes your fingers numb, that must't be pleasant! I agree, amazing for the money! :D x


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