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Hair Colour Remover Solutions

I've dyed my hair so many different colours over the years and over a year ago I decided to dye my hair purple. It was such a lovely colour and it did suit me well but I fancied a change. The purple has taken a year to fade and it left me with copper/plum toned hair. I didn't mind the colour of my hair at all and it blended in well with my natural hair colour but if I want to dye my hair again then the artificial colour will have to be fully removed.

I have two hair colour removing solutions:
1.) Colour B4
2.) Vosene medicated shampoo

There probably are more colour removing products available but these are the two that I tried. A Boots sales assistant also told me that some people use washing up liquid to remove hair colour too. As much as I love the smell of apple fairy liquid, I don't think I'll be trying that one. I'll save the fairy liquid for washing the pots.
Toni and Guy also used to sell a product that removes artificial hair colour but I've heard it's not available anymore.

I'm so happy I tried the Colour B4 and the Vosene because they have both done a good job of removing my artificial hair colour. The purple colour had in effect stained the ends of my hair and I never thought that any product would be able to remove it, fortunately my predictions were wrong.

Colour B4:

Colour B4 is an amazing artificial hair colour remover. The instructions are easy to follow and it's also available in two different types, Colour B4 and Colour B4 extra strength. Colour B4 retails at £10.20 and Colour B4 extra strength retails at £12.25, this may seem pricey but it's 100% worth it. I'd recommend the Colour B4 extra strength to those of you who have gone from blonde to black, it's generally recommended for those who want to get rid of a dark colour.

Before applying the Colour B4 to your hair, make sure that you give your hair a good brush. If your hair is knotty and tangled then you'll find applying this to your hair quite difficult. You can apply the Colour B4 to your hair in sections or you can apply it to your hair and then brush it through with a fine comb.

I left the Colour B4 on my hair for the recommended 30 minutes and the results were fab! I probably would have left it on for an extra 15 minutes but because I'd never used the product before I thought it was best not to. You can leave it on for an hour but the recommended time is 30 minutes. I'd only ever suggest leaving this on your hair is your artificial colour is a lot darker than your natural colour. You also have to wash the Colour B4 off for 10 minutes, this is to ensure that the Colour B4 has been fully removed. Yes 10 minutes is a long time and it does seem like your washing your hair for about a million years but you really have to follow the instructions carefully.

Once the Colour B4 has been fully removed from your hair, you then have to wash your hair again with the buffing solution. I have no idea what the buffing solution does but it made my hair so shiny.

The Colour B4 is great, it completely removed the plum colour and it left my hair feeling so soft and shiny. I couldn't be any more pleased with this product, it's amazing. It may have the hefty price tag of £10.20 but I really do not mind paying a lot of money for a good product. I would recommend this to anyone that wanted to get rid of their artificial colour. I don't know if this is any good for removing a dark artificial colour so it's something you'll have to try.

The only negative thing about Colour B4 is the smell. The smell is actually horrendous, I wouldn't say it was a peg on nose smell but it's definitely not pleasant. The smell also lasts for around three days too so prepare yourself for stinky hair! I'd also suggest getting someone else to apply this to your hair too as it's a very faffy process. The steps are easy to follow but the amount of things you have to do is unreal. My mum helped me when applying this and I'm so glad she did.

If you wish to buy Colour B4 then click on this link; Boots

My mum told me that Vosene medicated shampoo was good for removing artificial hair colour and she said that when she was young, people used to use this as a method for removing artificial hair colour. So I went to my local Boots and picked up some of the Vosene medicated shampoo. The Vosene medicated shampoo retails at £1.99 and it is available at any Boots store. Make sure you purchase the medicated shampoo and not the normal shampoo as the normal shampoo will do nothing to your hair.

The Vosene medicated comes in a dark green bottle, to be honest it's not the best packaging in the world but I guess you don't buy shampoo because of the packaging. The shampoo also reminds me of caramel sauce, it's thick, brown but unlike caramel, it smells hideous. It's probably the worst smelling shampoo ever, it's smells very chemically and sweet.

Despite the colour and the smell, the shampoo is actually very good, it did remove some of my artificial colour and it also made my hair incredibly shiny. The shampoo doesn't lather up much and it did make my hair feel a bit dry, so I'd definitely recommend using a conditioner when using the Vosene medicated shampoo.

If you wish to buy the Vosene medicated shampoo then click on this link; Boots

Many thanks for reading and I hope this has been helpful!


  1. I've tried colour B4 and it is so amazing! No ammonia or bleach either... bonus!


  2. Great blog, I've been looking for something like these products for ages as I recently dyed my hair red but realized the sun wouldn't do it wonders so I was looking for a way to remove it. I only used a semi permanent dye though, was yours permanent? If it's suitable for semis then I'll definitely give it a go!


  3. Lowri - It really is amazing, If I ever want to remove a hair colour again, I'll definitely be buying this again! :D xxx

    Grace - Thank you lovely! :) Mine was a permanent dye and the Colour B4 got rid of it :) Colour B4 is suitable for both permanent and semi's and it really will get rid of the hair dye! :D xxx

  4. thanks for the advice, im going to try the b4 colour remover as a friend used it and it lightened her hair but she didnt leave it on very long and didtn wash it out for long either. hopefully it'll get rid of the red in my hair and i can go on to being blonde again.

  5. I've heard good things about Colour B4 and this just supports it. Thanks for the post!

  6. Be warned: the B4 Colour remover smells really bad!! Like rotten eggs and sewerage. And it sticks in your hair for a long time. I heard lemon juice would get the smell out so got a whole load of lemons on the market!! Also if your hair is really dark in my experience it will take a couple of applications.

  7. i curently have vosene on my head wrapped in a towel! fingers crossed! x

  8. i currently have vosene on my head and have wrapped my hair in a towel! i only want to fade the darkness of my hair. i have tried b4 colour last year and it was fantastic! the smell was well worth the end result! my hair was i good condition after too. quite time consuming but you may have more time than me as i have two small children ha!! good luck.

  9. I have just used it. It worked a treat, but by God, it STINKS!! It's much cheaper if you buy it on eBay or Amazon :-)


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