Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Makeup Atelier Palette in 'T09'

I recently ordered another Makeup Atelier palette as I noticed that Love-Makeup had stocked up on all of the Makeup Atelier palettes. I have wanted the T09 palette for a while and was delighted to find that Love-Makeup had it, as you can imagine, I ordered it straight away. The T09 palette consists of 5 purple toned eyeshadows, ranging from light pink to dark purple.
The Makeup Atelier palettes retail at £25.00 and are only available at Love-Makeup. I adore Love-Makeup, the variety of products is immense and the delivery is so so quick, I highly recommend Love-Makeup, it's fab!

Here's the Makeup Atelier T09 palette...

And here are the swatches...

The Eyeshadows:
The first eyeshadow is a light pink colour. It reminds me of 'Pink Freeze' by MAC.
The second eyeshadow is a baby pink colour.
The third eyeshadow is a violet colour.
The fourth eyeshadow is a pale lilac colour, it looks completely different to what it does in the pan.
The fifth eyeshadow is a deep purple colour, almost like an eggplant colour.

My Final Thoughts:
These eyeshadows are truly amazing, in terms of staying power, colour intensity and colour variety. The eyeshadows are so pigmented which means that you don't need to use much of the eyeshadows at all and in the long run, one of these palettes is going to last you a lifetime! The eyeshadows are long lasting too, they do not fade, crease or even disappear off your eyes, which is great as there is no need for eyeshadow primer! YAY!
I also find that these eyeshadows do not give you fall out either, when I usually apply my make-up I tend to find that I have to wipe away tiny particles of eyeshadow that have fallen onto my cheeks.
The palettes are also very reasonably priced, £25.00 for an eyeshadow is amazing. The eyeshadows are worth £5.00 each which is a lot cheaper than MAC as 5 MAC single eyeshadow refills would cost you £47.50. 

The Makeup Atelier palettes are 100% worth the money, and they are a great investment for any makeup addict like myself. I love the T09 palette just as much as my T07 palette and I will continue to buy the Makeup Atelier palettes. 

Thank you Love-Makeup and Makeup Atelier, you have made me one very happy Cole!

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