Friday, 24 June 2011

My cheeky little O.P.I purchase!

I love O.P.I and I especially love it when ASOS have the whole O.P.I range available. One, it means I get 10% discount for being a student and two, I have next day delivery due to ASOS Premier. While looking through pages and pages of the lovely O.P.I nail varnishes I noticed a little gem.

Here's what I purchased...

This little duo retails at only £13.25... how awesome is that! Bearing mind that the duo is worth well over £21.00. The duo consists of RapiDry top coat and 'Red My Fortune Cookie' nail varnish. 

I'm so thrilled with my O.P.I purchase, I think I'm becoming a bit of an O.P.I addict!

If you would like to purchase this nifty little duo then click on this link; O.P.I Duo

Thanks for reading!

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