Monday, 27 June 2011

MUA Pro Trios - Part Two

Today my Superdrug order arrived and I have to say I was a little excited as I've been looking forward to receiving it all weekend! I ordered 2 eyeshadow trios, 2 palettes, the mosaic blush and an eyeshadow quad. Unfortunately my eyeshadow quad had smashed so I'm going to have to return it tomorrow, the silly delivery guy! I just hope my local Superdrug stocks the eyeshadow quads!

I'm going to be swatching the 'Passion' eyeshadow trio and also the 'Blue Babe' eyeshadow trio. 'Passion' consists of a highlight eyeshadow and 2 purple toned eyeshadows and 'Blue Babe' consists of a highlight eyeshadow and 2 blue toned eyeshadows. The eyeshadow trios retail at £2.50 each and can be purchased from Superdrug.

MUA Pro 'Passion' Eyeshadow Trio

A swatch...

MUA Pro 'Blue Babe' Eyeshadow Trio


A swatch...

I love both of these eyeshadow trios and I would recommend buying both of them. I think these trios are also good if you're eager to try out new colours but don't want to spend a fortune. There's nothing worse than buying an expensive eyeshadow and then hating how it looks. 

The quality of these trios in amazing, with regards to both pigmentation and texture. I find that the MUA eyeshadows, in general, aren't powdery at all. They are so so creamy meaning you don't have to use a lot of the eyeshadow and you won't get any nasty fall out when applying them. 

The MUA eyeshadow trios are fab and I definitely think you should try at least one of them, you won't be disappointed. 

Overall rating:

If you would like to see my other MUA Pro eyeshadow trio swatches then click on the links below:

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  1. I love the 'Passion' trio - it's really bright, but subtle :) Definitely investing in that!

    A x


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