Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How to create Watermelon Nails!

If you've read my latest 'haul' posts then you'll notice that I have developed a slight obsession with fruit jewellery and in particular, watermelon jewellery. Since it's nearly summer time and I'm hoping to wear my watermelon jewellery this week I thought I'd do a watermelon nail tutorial.

To create watermelon nails you will need:
  • Red nail varnish
  • Green nail varnish
  • White nail varnish
  • Black nail varnish
  • Top coat
  • Nail art tools / cocktail sticks
Instead of using black and white nail varnish, I used black and white acrylic paints as I wanted to try them out. I have to say that I love my acrylic paints, they dry super fast and are very easy to work with. Please do not feel that you have to rush out and buy these specific paints and tools as nail varnish and cocktail sticks work just as well. 

If you would like to create watermelon nails then follow my nice and easy steps!

1.) Apply the red nail varnish to your nails. You may need two coats depending on what your nail varnish is like.

2.) Once dry, apply the green nail varnish to the tips of your nails.

3.) Using the black nail paint and a small dotting tool, apply 5 small lines (the pips) to all of your nails.

4.) Using the white nail paint and a small brush, apply a line where the red and green nail varnish meet. If this sounds complicated then look at the photograph. 

5.) Using the white nail varnish and a small dotting tool, apply a small white line next to each of the black lines. This gives the 'pips' a bit more definition. 
I also applied pale green stripes to the green tips using lime green nail paint and a small brush. You don't necessarily have to do this, it's optional. 

Once dry apply a top coat as this will protect your nails.

Hope you like my watermelon nails! If anyone would like to request a nail tutorial then comment in the box below. You can also contact me via the contact form on my home page. 



  1. Haha I always love your nail tutorials. If only my nails were long enough to do them :'( xx

  2. You must have the sterdiest (if thats the right word) hand going. I would have it everywhere, But i agree with the above comment, i love your nail designs x

  3. Your nails look amazing, I need to get some cocktail sticks to try this! x


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