Sunday, 19 June 2011

MAC Colourizations Collection

MAC is launching the Colourizations collection in August and I have to say that I'm more than happy. It looks like such a fun collection, a collection for those who like playing around with different colours! The collection includes 8 pro palette eyeshadow duos, 6 technakohl liners, zoom lash mascara, the 222 brush and the 275 brush.

The collection will be launched in the USA on the 29th of July and it'll be launched internationally on the 4th of August. The pro palette eyeshadow duos are limited edition but the rest of the collection is permanent.

Here are the pro palette eyeshadow duos...

Row 1: Duo 1, Duo 2, Duo 3, Duo 4.
Row 2: Duo 5, Duo 6, Duo 8, Duo 7.

Duo 1: Yellow Gold (Veluxe Pearl) / Pinky Purple (Frost)
Duo 2: Lime (Veluxe Pearl) / Deep Grey (Satin)
Duo 3: Teal (Matte) / Deep Chocolate (Satin)
Duo 4: Forest Green (Veluxe Pearl) / Mid-tone Brown (Matte)
Duo 5: Pale Peach (Frost) / Brown With Green Pearl (Frost)
Duo 6: Light Grey (Matte) / Bronze (Veluxe Pearl)
Duo 7: Fuchsia (Frost) / Black (Satin)
Duo 8: Orange (Frost) / Navy (Satin)

Here are the technakohl liners, mascara and the infamous 222 and 275 brushes...

Technakohl liner names:
  • Graphblack
  • Photogravure
  • Purple Dash
  • Auto-De-Blu
  • Uniform
  • Jadeway
I cannot wait until this collection is released, the pro palette eyeshadow duos look fabulous! I'll probably end up buying all 8! 

Thanks for reading! Hope this has been helpful to all the MAC lovers out there!

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