Tuesday, 14 June 2011

MUA Lipsticks

I did plan on buying a lot today whilst on my shopping trip but I honestly couldn't find anything I liked. I also wanted to purchase the rest of the MUA Pro range but unfortunately my local Superdrug didn't stock all of it, they did however have loads of the beloved 'Heaven & Earth' palettes.

I ended up buying 3 MUA lipsticks, a pair of jeans, Clarins goodies, and magazines for Friday's train journey. I won't go into detail about the Clarins goodies because all I purchased was eye makeup remover and wake up booster, I also got a free Clarins gift worth £56.00.. woo!
My jeans are gorgeous but they appear to have a hole in the back of them, I presume this is where the electronic tag was. So you know what that means, I have to take them back and swap them.. fab. If anyone wants to know which jeans I purchased then they are from Topshop and they are the 'Leigh' super soft jeans... one word COMFY.

Anyway let's talk about my MUA lipsticks. I'd never really looked at the MUA lipsticks before, not because I didn't want to it was just purely down to owning about a trillion other lipsticks. Today I thought I'd have a look at them since I've heard so many positive things about them. The MUA lipsticks are available in 13 different shades and they are only £1.00 each! Buying every single MUA lipstick is cheaper than buying one MAC lipstick which is just madness. I purchased the shades 4, 11 and 13.
Shade 4 is a typical baby pink colour, shade 11 is a nudey brown colour and shade 13 is a super duper bright red colour.

Here are the Lipsticks...

Here's shade 4...
Here's shade 13...
Here's shade 11...
From left to right: shade 4, shade 13, shade 11

Here's a swatch of shade 13, I personally love this shade the most...

These lipsticks are so fab and I cannot believe the quality of them! For £1.00 you'd expect them to be poor quality but they really aren't, they are exceptional.

All in all it's been a good day despite noticing a hole in my new jeans and not finding any decent summer clothes. We had our feet done by the little fishes which was fun, I honestly think I had some sharks in my tank, they were huge! We also bought some nice little things and best of all, the sun was shining for once!

If you would like to purchase any of the lipsticks I've shown then click on this link; MUA Lipsticks


  1. Pull off the bottom, the coloured bits are lipbalms!

  2. I love Shade 13 but I find Shade 4 a let down. I thought it was gonna be really bright on my lips but it's actually really rubbish and looks clear :( xx

  3. I can't believe how pigmented the lipsticks look! xxx


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