Saturday, 4 June 2011

Trip to Liverpool!

Today I went to Liverpool with my mum, sister and grandma. We'd never been to Liverpool before so didn't know where anything was or what it was going to be like. We couldn't believe how big Liverpool was, everything seemed so far away from each other. In Manchester, everything is close together so we weren't used to the largely spread shops in Liverpool.

The good thing with Liverpool is that it had so many shops, shops we'd never even heard of so it was good to explore them. I think that some of the shops were a lot smaller than they are in Manchester but River Island made up for this! I couldn't believe the size of River island!

I did feel that the MAC store was a bit of a let down as I thought the Liverpool store sold MAC PRO products, unfortunately this wasn't the case. I did however buy a few things from the MAC store, it's just a shame I forgot to get brush cleaner!

We also had a little stroll around Albert Dock which was nice, I think the weather made it a whole lot nicer though! I think the sunshine was so so lovely today, I just hope the good weather carries on!

Anyway, here are my lovely purchases!

Multi pack earrings  - £7.50 - Bought from Miss Selfridge

Multicoloured bracelets (pack of 8) - £2.50 - Bought from Primark

Bourjois volume effect rotating mascara - £8.00 - Bought from Boots

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 'Fair' - £4.19 - Bought from Boots

MAC eyeshadow refill in 'Greensmoke' - £9.50 - Bought from MAC

MAC eyeshadow refill in 'Satin Taupe' - £9.50 - Bought from MAC

MAC sheen supreme lipstick in 'Behave Yourself' - £13.50 - Bought from MAC

Bobbi Brown touch-up stick in 'Porcelain' - £18.00 - Bought from John Lewis

Coral crop top - £6.99 - Bought from River Island

Stripe vest - £4.00 - Bought from Primark

Coral petal bikini top - £16.99 - Bought from River Island

Coral petal bikini briefs - £9.99 - Bought from River Island

Pink stripe bikini top - £14.99 - Bought from River Island

Pink stripe bikini briefs - £9.99 - Bought from River Island

So there you have it, my lovely purchases! I'm so pleased I found 2 bikinis today, I've been struggling to find ones that I like. 

I do have something funny to tell you all too and this was probably the highlight of the day. Whilst casually walking to the main shops, I suddenly felt something wet land on me. So I stood there for about a minute or so looking for what had fallen on me but I couldn't see anything. My mum and grandma then told me that I had bird poo on me...NICE. It's just a good job my grandma had tissues and hand sanitizer in her handbag or else I'd have been walking around with a pooey head. I felt so sorry for my mum and grandma as they had to get it off me, I would have done it myself but I wouldn't have been able to reach.

Thankfully my hair is now squeaky clean and smells of the lovely Vosene.

Hope you liked this post! 

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  1. wow what an amazing haul, lucky lady! LOve Love LOVE the petal leaf bikini, soooo sweet! swear to god your make up taste is just exceptional, must try that touch up stick. bad times about he bird poo...but it did make me chuckle! xxxx


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