Friday, 24 June 2011

MUA Pro Trios - Part One

I mentioned last week that I bought three of the MUA Pro eyeshadow trios, they arrived on Tuesday but with being away all week I couldn't swatch them. Fortunately I'm home now so thought I'd swatch them for you all, I bought more of the eyeshadow trios yesterday so once they arrive, I'll swatch those too. Today I'll be swatching the following trios; 'Smoke Screen', 'Chocolate Box' and 'Innocence'.

The MUA Pro eyeshadow trios retail at £2.50 each and are available in 6 different colours. They contain a highlight eyeshadow and two complimenting eyeshadows. MUA is exclusive to Superdrug meaning that MUA products cannot be bought anywhere else other than Superdrug. If you would like to buy any of the MUA products then I would suggest purchasing them online as opposed to in the shop as there tends to be more in stock online.

Here are my eyeshadow trios...

MUA Pro 'Smoke Screen' Eyeshadow Trio 

'Screen Smoke' is probably the least pigmented eyeshadow trio out of the three. I'm not sure why as I thought the dark eyeshadows would have been super super pigmented. I found the white highlight eyeshadow to be a bit of a problem as the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is appalling, I began to question if it was a real eyeshadow and not a fake plastic one. 

MUA Pro 'Chocolate Box' Eyeshadow Trio 

'Chocolate Box' has the best pigmentation out of the three eyeshadow trios. I think that the middle eyeshadow is an absolutely stunning colour, I cannot wait to feature this in a makeup tutorial. 

MUA Pro 'Innocence' Eyeshadow Trio

Again the pigmentation is great but I just cannot decide if I like this trio or not. The golden eyeshadow is fab and the highlight eyeshadow will be great for using in the inner corner but I don't know if I'm that keen on the orange/green toned eyeshadow. If you follow my blog then you'll know that I love duocrome eyeshadows but I really don't get the orange and green contrast. Maybe this eyeshadow will look fine once applied to the eyelid but so far it's not looking promising. It's also a completely different colour in the pan, a little bit deceiving don't you think? 

Overall I like the trios, great quality, great price and I'll definitely be using the trios in future makeup tutorials. 

I'll be swatching my MUA Pro palettes tomorrow so if you're interested in looking at those then keep a look out!

I also need ideas for nail tutorials so if you can think of any then comment in the box below :)


  1. I really want some of their lipsticks - I've seen swatches and they look so pigmented! xxx

  2. They look so gorgeous!! I really want the last one xx


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